Dentist smiling at camera in dental officeChampioning baby
and child oral health

A pediatric dentist in each ABCD county or region – or a general dentist in areas without a pediatric dentist – is selected and trained by the University of Washington to identify, recruit, train and mentor local dentists for the program. These dental champions are essential partners in ensuring that dentists are well trained and valued partners in meeting the needs of low-income young children in their communities.

Working with families referred to us by ABCD has been unbelievably gratifying. We have been fortunate to treat wonderful children whose parents or caregivers truly appreciate and value our services.
Dr. Chang’s office staff Snohomish County ABCD provider


ABCD’s specially trained dentists

More than 2,000 general and pediatric dentists, dental students and pediatric dental residents have been trained since the mid-1990s to provide ABCD’s early pediatric dental techniques and preventive services to young children across Washington State.  ABCD providers receive enhanced Apple Health (Medicaid) reimbursement for providing family oral health education and selected preventive procedures, including oral evaluation, fluoride varnish application, and certain restorative procedures.

Flexibility is a hallmark of the ABCD program. Dentists choose their level of participation in the ABCD program, and families choose their own dental provider.

For more information about becoming an ABCD provider or to find a program in your community, contact your local ABCD Program.