Father brushing child's teethLocal ABCD Programs in Every Washington County
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The ABCD program in each county or region is administered by the local health department or another community agency that contracts with the state Health Care Authority’s Apple Health (Medicaid) Program. The local ABCD program is responsible for managing outreach to organizations that serve Apple Health-eligible children; identifying eligible children from birth to age six; orienting the child’s family to the program; and matching each child with an ABCD-certified dentist.

The program works closely with families to help them overcome challenges, such as language barriers or a lack of transportation that might prevent them from keeping dental appointments. They also work with the dental champion to recruit local dental and medical providers to the ABCD program.

For patients, families, dentists and community organizations alike, the local program is often the first point of contact with ABCD. Find local ABCD programs by county.