ABCD Partners

Statewide partnerships make it possible for Apple Health (Medicaid) eligible children to get connected with dental care.

A unique public-private partnership spanning two decades has made Washington’s ABCD Program a national leader in connecting Apple Health (Medicaid) eligible children with dental care. The University of Washington School of Dentistry, Department of Health WIC Program, Health Care Authority, Washington State Dental Association and the state Dental Hygienists’ Association, together with Arcora Foundation, have forged a strong partnership to support the ABCD system of care, including developing and delivering dental training curriculum, providing enhanced fees to providers, and supporting local programs through funding, client outreach and linkage, data analysis, and technical support.

Locally, the 25 ABCD programs are managed by health departments and other local organizations that connect families with needed services and support. They work with the Dental Champion and dental society to recruit, train, and support ABCD dentists. With community partners, they reach out to families and assist in overcoming barriers of connecting eligible children with care.

Spotlight: Local Programs

Twenty-five local ABCD programs across Washington connect families and their eligible children with ABCD-participating dentists.

Anna Cruz is one of those local program leaders. As ABCD Coordinator for Clark County Public Health, she meets with Clark County families to not only connect them with oral health care, but also to provide them with the tools and education necessary to give their children the best start in life.

Anna recently received the 2021 Lifetime of Giving Award from the Community Foundation for Southwest Washington for advocating and organizing to improve access for Latinos living in southwest Washington. She represents the dedication to equitable and culturally responsive access of our many great ABCD Coordinators.