For Dentists

Why ABCD? ABCD recruits and trains dentists to provide preventive care and treatment to Apple Health (Medicaid) insured children from birth to six. Participating dentists receive enhanced fees through Medicaid for certain preventive and restorative procedures and family oral health education. Many are able to build their practices while helping their communities by serving those most in need.

Become an ABCD provider

To become an ABCD provider, a dentist must be or become a Medicaid provider and participate in ABCD training/certification delivered by the University of Washington School of Dentistry. The free CDE trainings are just a few hours in length and are delivered in your own practice setting or elsewhere in your community by a local  ABCD dental champion. This volunteer dentist from your area has been calibrated by the University or Washington School of Dentistry to deliver ABCD training and provide guidance and support.

ABCD trainings are held dozens of times each year throughout the state. Following training, the local ABCD program, the University of Washington, and the Health Care Authority work together to issue ABCD certification, making trained providers eligible to receive ABCD’s enhanced fees.

Front office staff, dental assistants, and hygienists are encouraged to attend the ABCD training as well so they can take an active role in working with young ABCD children. A concurrent session on ABCD/Medicaid billing procedures and protocols is provided to billing staff new to Medicaid and/or ABCD billing during the ABCD training.

The Phase I training focuses on oral health for infants and toddlers and early pediatric dental techniques. Training includes didactic material as well as hands-on training with young children. Dentists can earn up to three free continuing education credits. Phase II training focuses on use of the Interim Therapeutic Restoration (ITR) technique and dentists can earn up to 1.5 continuing education credits.

For more information on ABCD training and certification, contact your local ABCD program.