For Families

“ABCD is a really wonderful program and makes regular family dentists accessible to children in low-income families. I’m so happy that we could stop the decay before it became a bigger problem.”

Cathi, Whatcom County ABCD Parent

Why ABCD? Making sure that your children have healthy teeth and mouths for a lifetime begins early. Baby teeth help children chew food and speak clearly. They shape children’s faces and guide adult teeth into place. Cavities in baby teeth can cause pain and affect a child’s ability to sleep, learn and pay attention.

To ensure they start life with good oral health, babies should have an oral health checkup by a dentist or physician by the time their first tooth appears or by their first birthday. Regular dental care is important because good oral health is essential to the health of our whole bodies. ABCD ensures that young children have access to dental care early and regularly so they can get a good start in life.

Who is eligible? Children from birth up to age 6 who are insured by Washington Apple Health (Medicaid) are eligible to participate in ABCD.

If you need assistance enrolling your child in Apple Health (Medicaid), go to ParentHelp123.

Need to Find an ABCD Dentist?

Contact your local ABCD program OR use our online system to get connected with an ABCD dentist or find dental care for other family members.

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