Dentist showing child how to "open wide."ABCD Dentists key to program success

“It’s a program that is really easy for us – billing is simple and Medicaid reimburses us in a timely manner.”
Jared Evans, DDS, Spokane County Dental Champion

“Working with our local ABCD Program Coordinator has made seeing new ABCD patients easy and rewarding.”
Jeff Hays, DDS, Kitsap County ABCD Champion

Since 1995, ABCD has trained more than 2,000 dentists, dental students and pediatric dental residents to care for the oral health of young children using the University of Washington-developed ABCD curriculum. Participating dentists contribute to the health and well-being of their young patients and the larger community.

We encourage dentists to learn more about getting involved in ABCD. Contact the local ABCD program in your county today.